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What’s your dirty job?

People specialize in such a variety of jobs today, that I sometimes wonder just how they made the decision to go into that field. Did they just see an open opportunity to make a go of it, and then found out how to get the education or experience needed for that job, and just went for it?

A few years ago, there was a show on TV called “Dirty Jobs.” I think most of us remember it, because the main guy on the show (Mike Rowe) faced some of the most disgusting jobs anyone would ever want to undertake. I mean, some of them — excuse me, ALL of them were downright gross!

Mike Rowe had an idea, and he went for it. His show was a smashing success. Most of us would never do what Rowe did, regardless of the pay, but it entertained millions of people, and he made a pretty good living doing it.

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