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The M&M’s dispensers

One of the greatest candies that was ever created was M&M’s. I doubt there is a soul in America who has not heard of M&M’s. Perhaps there is not an American alive today who has not EATEN M&M’s.

Eating M&M’s can be somewhat of an addiction for me. If I eat ONE of them, I must eat more, handfuls of them. That’s why I try not to get started on them. The company that makes this great candy knows how addicting they are, and they didn’t stop with just one kind, the original with just chocolate centers. They had to go and make them with peanuts in them. Then they made them with carmel, and peanut butter, and mint, and now there are all kinds of flavors, and you can customize them for whatever event you are having. Argh!

I remember a commercial for M&M’s, back in the 1950s when television was in black and white, and so were all the commercials. It was a cartoon, and a peanut was getting ready to take a swim in a pool of chocolate and then coated with the candy shell, to make a peanut M&M. Back then, commercials were easy to memorize. The peanut said, “I’m a choice M&M peanut, fresh and roasted to a golden tan, drenched in creamy milk chocolate, covered with a thin candy shell.”


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