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Put some taters on the table

Schwäbin, Wikimedia Commons

A casserole of scalloped potatoes goes well with most main dinner courses.


Lately, I have been making a lot of meals that have potatoes in them, and I came to realize just how much I love the tasty spuds.

I could eat scalloped or au gratin potatoes all by themselves and call it a meal. Or stuffed twice-baked potatoes. I have even been known to pop a potato into the microwave (after poking holes in it to prevent explosions), then enjoy it with some butter, salt and pepper.

If I feel like going fancy, I will add some sour cream and freshly snipped chives. I used to fix a lot of shredded hash browns, but I have cut back on fried foods. I also love sweet potatoes, and was just reminded of a time many years ago when my best friend and I got in trouble from her mother one night when I was staying over.



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