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Letters: Generosity in Madera, the rest of the story

This could very well be one of our miracle stories. It sure seems that way to me.

Readers will recall a few days ago, Madera Unified had a premiere showing of the documentary, Avenging the Blood of Emmett Till, prepared by its communications department. It told the story of how two eighth grade classes fought for justice in the infamous murder case. Now we would like to tell you the rest of the story.

It just so happened that the teachers challenged the students with a research/writing contest. Students earned points, and it was agreed that the winners would receive cash prizes. The students took the bait, and the race was on. The winners were announced at the premiere and received their rewards courtesy of some very generous donors.

We would like to thank Monte Pistoresi of Pistoresi Ambulance, Mr. and Mrs. O. James White, and the Madera Tribune for donating the cash prizes. All stepped forward with absolutely no coaxing. We just wish they could have seen those bright faces as the students stepped forward to receive their prizes.

On behalf of the students, we say thank you for the very important part you played in this project.

— Bill Coate, Samuel Colunga, Scott Gandy and Jordan Mattox,



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