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Letters: Can we survive another 2 years with this president?

According to a new cost analysis by the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), providing for the services and needs of illegals who have entered our country under President Biden adds an additional $20.4 BILLION annual burden on the American taxpayer.

That figure is in addition to the well more than $140 billion per year to provide the benefits and services of longer term illegal alien population.

The Biden administration has willingly released about 1.3 million after removals and Title 42 expulsions and accounting for about 1 million “gotaways.” President Biden is doing everything he can to drive our economy into the ground.

A lot of our problems could be addressed with that $20.4 billion including finishing that wall on the southern border to keep them out but instead Biden continues to do detrimental things like screwing up the way he tried to get out of Afghanistan, causing the death of 13 of our soldiers and leaving an untold amount of arms and equipment in the hands of the Taliban. Now, he is, or I should say, we are, financing Ukraine’s war with Russia.

The Governor of Texas is now sending bus loads of illegals to some “sanctuary” cities like Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. The Mayors of Chicago and D.C. are now complaining about too many illegals in their cities. Gov. DeSantis of Florida just sent a plane load to Martha’s Vineyard. Can we survive another two years with this president?

— Frank Bradford,



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