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Huddle around the game day snacks

Parkerman & Christie, Wikimedia Commons

Focaccia makes a great snack. Top with herbs, salt, olives, or caramelized onions; whatever you prefer.


Even though I admit I am not a fan of professional sports, I did enjoy watching some of the NFL playoff games. It was mostly a matter of being with people who were really into football, especially the 49ers. Their excitement tends to be catching.

February 11 is designated as the next Super Bowl Sunday, so I figured I had better put some game snack recipes in this column. And if you are like me, one of the very rare people who are not pro-sports team followers, perhaps you will enjoy making some snacks for no other reason than you just like to eat.

Whatever your preference, I hope you are all staying safe and warm while we get a fair measure of much-needed rain.



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