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Getting into a pickle

Cat Campbell/For The Madera Tribune

Pickled eggs get their color from beets, sliced or whole.


The morning of writing this, I had just made pickled eggs and beets, enough to fill (almost) a gallon jar. I didn’t grow up with such fare, but my mother-in-law did, and I was happy to learn how to make pickled eggs and beets.

I used to always grow my own beets, and I still plant them every year (in one of those old claw-foot tubs), but now I get lazy and buy pickled beets in glass jars or even cans. I also love corn relish, and after paying $8 to $10 for a pint jar and eating almost the whole thing in one or two sittings, I decided to make my own. It wasn’t easy to find the canning jars that first time.

I had given most of mine away and when Covid was at a high level, a lot of people started to preserve their own foods.



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