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FMCL group makes field trips to exhibits

Lynda Schafhauser/For The Madera Tribune

Friends of the Madera County Library member Delia Gregorski reads the storyboard information panel at the “American and the Holocaust” exhibit at the Fresno County Central Library.


There are handfuls of people alive today who personally experienced the Holocaust. For many families the experiences and family memories live on through the retelling of their stories.

Members of the Friends of the Madera County Library listened to a panel of five Holocaust survivor families, and viewed a traveling Holocaust storyboard panel exhibit with video displays, at the Fresno County Central Library on December 3.

The traveling Holocaust exhibit, titled “ Americans and the Holocaust “ is curated by the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum. The traveling exhibit’s focus is the history of the official United States, and individuals, response to the news from war torn Europe before entry into WWII, including reports of tens of thousands of people being sent to concentration camps and refugees trying to flee the Nazi advance.


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