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Board addresses need for timely submission

In the regular meeting for the Madera County Board of Supervisors held January 16, former Supervisors Chairman David Rogers brought to the board’s attention, as well as that of the various county department managers, an issue he felt needed to be addressed regarding a pattern for approving contracts long after they have actually been implemented. 

Identifying the need to change that pattern, Rogers addressed the need to receive the contract proposals in a more timely manner for approval or disapproval. Stating the behavior as a presumption, he posed to the board the question of what the outcome would be should a proposal be disapproved after having been implemented.

“This board is not here for after-the-fact approval. We are here to decide whether or not we go forward with something,” Rogers commented. “It’s really important to allow the board to establish policy. Once managers start establishing policy, the organization becomes muddled. There’s no law.”


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