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Ag Commish has plenty of concerns

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera County Ag Commissioner Rusty Lantsberger observes blooming almond trees from an orchard in Madera County.


With the amount of rain that fell on Madera County in January, Madera County Ag Commissioner Rusty Lantsberger is optimistic about the 2023 ag season.

“Any water that is made available to farmers to grow crops is amazing,” he said. “The rains that we had and the snowpack is tremendous. It’s a matter of being able to store and use the water so it won’t go to the ocean. It is very nice to help with recharge. A continual flow of water is the best.”

One of the prettiest sights for Lantsberger is to look east and see the whitecap mountains.


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