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School district responds to post

Madera Unified School District was recently made aware of a hateful social media post, which was allegedly made by a student. The district does not tolerate or condone any type of racism or hateful speech.

MUSD is taking the matter seriously and investigating the issue. The district would like to thank the community for bringing this matter to its attention and recognize the importance of peacefully speaking out against this type of behavior.

Madera Unified does not tolerate these actions, and has an obligation as educators to call out these issues and make every effort to correct them.

This is an emotional time for the entire nation and community. The board chose, as one of its core values, “Equity before Equality.” Madera Unified is committed to creating inclusive school cultures that promote educational equity and end discrimination.

Madera Unified Superintendent Todd Lile shared a video message ( to the class of 2020 graduates, asking for active participation and use of energy to improve the community.

MUSD will continue to work to ensure that all students have a safe learning environment. The district asks the community to continue to actively call out injustice and hate as it aspires to create a better district and community for everyone.

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