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More than 250 screened at checkpoint

DJ Becker/The Madera Tribune

Madera police officers administer a field sobriety test to a driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol Saturday night on Gateway Drive.


Madera police officers screened 253 vehicles in a driver’s license and sobriety checkpoint Saturday night on Gateway Drive near Rotary Park. Eight drivers were administered field sobriety tests for the use of alcohol, drugs or marijuana. Two drivers were arrested on charges of DUI.

One woman, 34-year-old Jessica Commander was three times the legal limit for alcohol according to officers. Records indicate it was her second DUI since April of 2018.

Another driver drove through the 150 yards of reflective orange cones and warning signs at speeds of approximately 60 mph, barely stopping in time and nearly striking the standing officers at the checkpoint. She was ticketed for excessive speed.

Thirteen drivers were cited for driving without a driver’s license and released, along with their vehicles to valid drivers.

Three drivers were cited for driving on suspended licenses. One driver was cited for not having a young child properly restrained in a car seat.

Another citation was written to a driver for having open marijuana in his possession. California law requires any marijuana inside a vehicle must be inside a sealed container.


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