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Chowchilla to get new City Admin

Charles Doud/Madera Tribune File Photo

Rod Pruitt.


Chowchilla Finance Director Rod Pruitt, one of 16 applicants for the vacant job of city administrator, was offered the job following Tuesday night’s special closed session meeting of the Chowchilla City Council.

“He has been chosen,” Chowchilla Mayor John Chavez said Thursday. “He hasn’t accepted yet but I’m ninety-nine percent sure he will. He wants the job. He has done a great job so far.”

Pruitt has worked for the city about four years, Chavez said, and has been acting administrator for about five months. He knows the city, the staff, and what the council expects in a city administrator, Chavez said.

“He did a great job with the finances,” Chavez said. “There have been no exceptions on our audits, he’s done a wonderful job.”

Chavez added that Pruitt is dedicated to the city, gets along well with staff, and that the staff trust him. Chief Dave Riviere conducted the background check on Pruitt, Chavez said, and told the council Pruitt received “high marks.”

“This will make for a smooth transition,” Chavez said, adding that Pruitt is a “very intelligent young man.”

Former city administrator Brian Haddix left the position last January. He was with the city about three and a half years.

Pruitt was unavailable for comment Thursday and is expected back in the office Monday.

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