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Letter: Ranchos residents upset with Avenue 12 crowding

WE THE PEOPLE in Order to form a safer and more peaceful commute, joined together to try and create a travel-safe corridor for commuters on Avenue 12 from State Route 41 to State Route 99.

With petition in hand, we shared our concerns with the County of Madera Board of Supervisors and Transportation Commission.

However, there are stumbling blocks. Our petition (which can be signed on the website) outlined our concerns and possible solutions.

Avenue 12 is presently heavily impacted by an upswing in traffic utilizing Avenue 12 East and West. Madera residents believe that this onslaught of increased traffic will become greater with the proposed establishment of a hospital on the Northeast corner of 41 and Avenue 12 along with another proposed 700-plus homes on 41 between Avenue 12 and Avenue 14. Recently, there were two fatalities on 12, which was instrumental in bringing the traffic problems in this area to the forefront. Who knows how many other accidents and/or deaths have, or will occur?

Area residents complain of non-stop traffic on Avenue 12, with long wait times when attempting to turn onto this impacted street. People are tailgating, passing on the shoulder, ignoring speed limits, not using turn signals, and utilizing the center left turn/right turn lane to pass vehicles in the area of Madera Ranchos.

What would you do if you experienced these daily commute issues?

If perhaps you have experienced these occurrences, then go to and sign our petition. Help us make our voices heard. — go to petitions, then browse and finally in the search field type in Madera Ranchos.

— Valjean Jury,

Representing People for Safe Travel on Avenue 12, Madera Ranchos

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