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Man drowns at Eastman Lake after accident

Sheriff’s Department investigators are hoping to piece together the events that resulted in an unusual drowning death Saturday night in Eastman Lake.

What appeared to be the victim’s car was found crashed into a tree near the lake. The Nissan had been seen passing by on area surveillance cameras a few moments before the crash.

The dead man has been identified as 41-year-old Antoine Christopher Williams of Fort Worth, Texas.

Searchers found his body floating in the lake the next morning about 11 a.m., one and one-half miles from the crash site, after an extensive search overnight by park shore patrol rangers in boats, Madera County Deputies Search and Rescue, K9 teams, an off-road-vehicle unit and multiple aerial searches by air with the CHP helicopter.

There were no signs of trauma on the body according to authorities, and the autopsy is pending. Williams’ personal belongings and cell phone were reportedly found in the wrecked Nissan Sentra at the crash site.

It remains unknown at this time why the deceased was in the Eastman Lake area. Anyone with information relating to this case is asked to please contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Office at 675-7770.

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