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Opinion: Global warming: It’s just ‘purrfect’

I certainly am glad that global warming is giving us all this pleasant weather, especially since the cats believe it is not too cold to stay outdoors.

Through the winter, the cats — all 4 of them — seemed to feel conditions were too harsh for staying outside overnight. These are delicate cats, especially the oldest and biggest one, who is still healing up from a fight he got into a couple of months ago.

The other three cats believe in running instead of fighting, and I believe the biggest cat does, too, but he is too big to do much running. About three steps, and he is tuckered out, and easy pickin’s for any other cat that wants to do him damage.

He got a couple of good punctures in his back from a cat with long teeth (or maybe a raccoon with long teeth) and as it often happens with cat bites, those punctures became infected. Big abscesses resulted, and by the time he got to the vet, he was not in the best of shape. But the doc worked her magic, and the cat is healing now after a few weeks and a couple of payments on the doc’s new car changed hands.

He is still a bit dainty, though, when the weather is too cold or too hot, so it is a good thing conditions are such that he doesn’t mind staying outside.

Global warming appears to be keeping the rain coming in, so the yard is not looking bad. In fact, it is looking pretty good, as most yards in the neighborhood are.

Sometimes the big cat will waddle out on the lawn, find a patch of sunshine that is not too hot and settle in for a nap.

But just as his eyes are shut, one of the other cats, the little ones, will sneak up on the big one and jump on him. His eyes open in surprise and wonder, but I don’t know why. The little cats are always jumping him whenever he closes his eyes. You’d think he’d be used to it by now.

I don’t think he’s a deep thinker. At least not deep enough to worry about global warming. As long as he has kibble to nibble and a soft blanket or warm grass to sleep on, he seems to find life satisfying.

Unless, of course, something bites him in the back again. Then I think he might move to a friendlier neighborhood.

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