What do you expect when Dems try to run things?

What do you expect, Mr. Elias, when California Dumcrats try to thwart everything the president does. Who has to pay for all this? The taxpayers of this state.

Gov. Brown hired Eric Holder to aid illegal aliens in danger of being deported. Holder was in trouble himself because of a gun scandal where a U. S. Border Patrol Officer was killed when he was the U.S. Attorney General. He wriggled out of it.

Then, California has the notoriety of becoming the only sanctuary state in the nation — which I believe was a dumb move — but expected by our state attorney general, Xavier Becerra.

As if we were not paying enough state tax on gasoline, our governor raises our tax another 12 cents per gallon and another 20 cents per gallon on diesel to “fix our roads,” which they were suppose to be doing anyway.

Our car registrations also are going up by about $100. Gas is predicted to be about $4 per gallon by Memorial Day. So what have the Democrats in Sacto been doing with the money which was suppose to be going to fix our highways? I think they were diverting that money to assist in building this boondoggle, high-speed rail, which I do not believe I will ever see a train on those tracks.

I may never even see the tracks. They are throwing up bridges everywhere but they may not meet as required which I heard has already happened at or near Avenue 9 in Madera so they had to rebuild it. To my knowledge they still don’t have investors so I believe we taxpayers are paying for it.

Fortunately, this governor will soon be gone but Lt. Gov. Newsom is set to run and he is just as bad, maybe worse.