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Reader thanks editor for reality check

This is a very realistic perspective, which I appreciate, and thank you much for sharing Mr. Doud.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up and influenced by the media year after year, being in our happy mood, that we just can’t help ourselves, but join the crowd and make New Year’s resolutions based on the fact that everyone else is doing it too, so why not?

The reality is that those New Year’s resolutions are not deep needs for living life and being fulfilled as a human being. We are all interconnected and we are born to learn about each other and to understand one another, but mostly learn about oneself, to know thyself. That can only be achieved when we have realistic expectations that are tailored to our own needs. Moreover, we get to learn about ourselves through teachings by others in their areas of expertise as we are often guided by lessons learned and taught by others.

Life is about making progress and to be happy with that progress being made. Personally, making New Year’s resolutions is kind of a setup for disappointment and sometimes a disaster.

For the most part, it’s too uncomfortable for some of us to take a look at ourselves on a deep level. That’s why making New Year’s resolutions generally are not deep needs and are sometimes just goals set up for disaster and disappointments.

— Pada Vang-Torres,



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