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Readers stirred by intergovernmental meeting

John Rieping/The Madera Tribune

Area resident April Molina, a member of Neighborhood Watch, speaks of her experiences with the homeless at an Intergovernmental Agency Workshop at Madera Municipal Golf Course on Sept. 30.


The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


Heads of Madera County and the cities of Chowchilla and Madera recently discussed common issues facing the area at an intergovernmental agency gathering.

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” commented, “The biggest problem is Hwy. 99 north and south. It’s terrible every afternoon.”

  • “Geri St Lucia” wrote, “All the items discussed are definite areas of importance for our city/county. I hope there will be action taken after the meeting!”

  • “April Molina” wrote, “I was encouraged by this meeting. I will also be at the next one. It’s important for citizens to hold elected officials accountable. I would encourage more people to come.”

  • “Barbara Leach” wrote, “You made very good points.”

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “It is nice to see great young minds like (Madera City) Councilmen Rigby and Will Oliver working together.”

  • “April Molina” wisecracked, “Define ‘great’.”


Madera County Sheriff’s Office shared photographs and videos of their youthful Explorers training to prepare for a competition this weekend in Riverside.

  • “Mari Rocha Rubio” wrote to a friend, “This is that program I told you about.”

  • “Felicia Rocha” wrote, “I would love Patrick Ashley Rocha to do this. He would be one handsome looking sheriff.”

  • “Patrick Ashley Rocha” wrote, “Get me in then.”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — A reader took issue with a column by Chuck Doud about professional football players refusing to stand for the national anthem. “Kathy Eisele” wrote, “I disagree with your premise, editor Doud. Just because someone has means doesn’t mean he can’t support a cause. I really don’t think wealthy founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and George Mason were suffering under the colonial rule of Great Britain. But they championed revolution so that the common man could be free (not the blacks though).”

  • Rant — Animal shelter volunteer Kay Rhoads publicly shamed the Madera City Council last week for failing to help fund a low-cost spay/neuter voucher program. “Kim Slavan” wrote, “I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t live in Madera and even I made a donation to keep this program going. What a shame your city government does not even support you as well as non-residents.”

  • Rant — A reader disagreed with Jim Glynn’s recent column on how to survive a nuclear blast. “dog_cat_rescuer” wrote, “This is only partially correct. A bunker not constructed to withstand the initial gamma burst is not going to protect your life.”

  • Rave — Madera County Farm Bureau president Jay Mahill recently joined the California State University, Fresno Foundation’s board of governors. “Jimmy Monreal” wrote, “Congrats, Tejpal Jay Mahil.”

  • Rave — Fresno State University now offers a regional planning degree in a program with partner McCaffrey Homes to help plan the first major Rio Meso development, Tesoro Viejo, in Madera County. “Geri St. Lucia” wrote, “Awesome!”

  • Rave — Readers applauded the new dual-language instruction program launched recently at Madison Elementary School. “John Ross Jesensky” wrote, “Seems like it could be a good thing to have all students become bilingual by the time they’re in 5th grade.”

  • Rave — “Jessica Coronado” wrote, “Join us for our first Madera Rocks event (Oct. 22). This will be a kids (painted rock) hunt and raffle (prize entries) for all. Location will be announced (on Facebook) 30 minutes prior to event but will start at 1 p.m. sharp.”


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