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MID drops water rate to $25 per acre foot

The Madera Irrigation District has reduced the Original District rate to just $25 per acre foot, the lowest rate MID has charged for water since 1991, according to general manager Thomas Greci.

“This is a huge event for MID … The district is encouraging everyone within the district to take advantage of this extraordinary water year and water availability,” Greci said.

The subordinate rate was also lowered, to $50 per acre foot.

“The board is ecstatic to make water available at this price to growers within MID. After years of drought and decreased supplies MID is trying to encourage all district landowners to utilize surface water and recharge our aquifer for the future” said MID Board President Jim Erickson.

Madera Irrigation District will continue accepting Crop Water Applications and water orders can be coordinated through MID’s Operations Department.

More information is available at MID’s new website, which was unveiled at an Oct. 3 board meeting. The upgraded website is intended to streamline information for the public and enhance ease of use. The website address is the same,

To contact MID, call 673-3514 or visit 12152 Road 28 1/4.

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