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Letter: Madera High School did the right thing

A lot of people would like to see the Madera High (School) employee (accused of misconduct) fired immediately but the (Madera Unified School) District has a process they need to follow.

According to the Tribune’s previous article, he is on leave while they investigate. Putting an employee on leave is the right first step for a serious allegation. It gets the employee away from the kids and gives the district time to look into what happened.

The district would open itself up for a lawsuit by the employee if they fired him and the allegations turned out to be untrue. Once they are done with the investigation and have reviewed the results internally and with their lawyers, they will take the appropriate action.

If the district decides to fire the employee, the board has to approve that action (which requires a board meeting). As satisfying as it would be sometimes to fire someone on the spot, it usually takes more work than that.

— Steven Alexander

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