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Coyotes boys volleyball get easy senior night win

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune Madera senior Devonte Orlando puts down a spike against Edison during a three-set sweep Tuesday on Senior Night.


The Madera Coyotes boys volleyball team prepared for its season finale against Madera South on Thursday with a sweep over the Edison-Fresno Tigers on Senior Night in Joe Flores Gym.

The Coyotes dispatched the Tigers in less than an hour, outscoring Edison 75-49 Tuesday while honoring seniors Devonte Orlando, Tyler Mallonee and Mathew Brunner.

The senior trio combined for 24 kills while Brian Garcia added 10 more kills.

The Coyotes opened the match by scoring 10 of the first 11 points an 16 of the first 18. Seth Valencia served the first four points with kills by Hunter Brown and Orlando.

Garcia put down a kill and served up five more points. Orlando and Brown also put down kills in the run.

After an Edison side out, Brown gave the Coyotes the serve back and served up five more points behind a kill and block by Ali Escheik.

Edison battled back to score 11 of the next 16 points to cut Madera’s lead to 21-13.

After an Edison service error, Orlando put down a kill and Edison was called for a double contact violation for set point at 24-13. Edison got the side out, but gave the Coyotes the match with a service error.

The Coyotes opened the second set with a Brown kill and ace and an Orlando kill for a 7-3 lead.

The Tigers came back to take a 9-8 lead with an ace. Despite side out kills from Mallonee and Garcia, Edison still led 13-11.

A Garcia side out kill led to four straight points, two from Orlando kills, for a 16-13 lead. Orlando and Brunner put down side out kills while Mallonee added another kill for a 20-16 lead.

Side out kills from Mallonee, Garcia and Brunner helped Madera take a 23-20 lead. Edison missed a serve to get to set point and then hit into the net for a 25-22 Coyote victory.

In the third set, the Tigers took an early 6-4 lead.

After a Tigers service error, Brunner served up five straight points, including kills from Garcia and Mallonee for a 10-6 Madera lead.

After a trade in side outs, Jose Hordaz served up three more points with a Brunner kill and a 14-7 lead.

A Mallonee side out kill and a Brown kill opened a 17-8 lead.

Garcia put down a and served an ace while Brunner added another kill to take a 20-9 lead.

The two teams exchanged five straight side outs before Brunner put down a side out kill for a 23-13 lead.

After Edison hit out of bounds to get to match point, Garcia finished the match with a kill and a 25-13 victory.


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