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Maderan takes issue with Nix column

I was deeply disappointed by a recent column penned by Tami Jo Nix “Women’s march did more harm than good.”

While there are many problems with Nix’s reporting of the marches (which she obviously did not attend or even bother to speak to anyone that did), the most erroneous mistake is the title of her opinion piece.

The march accomplished much.

Millions from all over the U.S. and world peacefully protested the ascent of potentially the most dangerous, ill prepared and troubled head of state in our history.

Folks were not merely protesting the election of someone who lost the popular vote by nearly three million but also the lack of decency, honesty and common sense that Trump has exhibited both pre and post the election.

Furthermore, it was an expression of our outrage with Russia’s attempt to hijack our election and Trump’s outright refusal to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of this fact.

And please do not lecture anyone on vulgarity when the trademarks of this man are extreme vulgarity, hypocrisy, vindictiveness, and the denial of science. The march protested his attacks on human decency, women’s reproductive rights, and his racism and absurd and dangerous nominations to the highest posts of our government. Also, let us not forget his refusal, after promising to do so, to release his tax returns and failure to disclose and separate himself from the many business ventures that are a clear conflict of interest.

My spouse, daughter and daughter-in-law participated in the march in Oakland. My eldest daughter and granddaughter marched in Sacramento. In addition to having a grand time, they felt empowered, proud and truly American to have their voices heard. They were not offended and overall pleased, and often amused by the clever signs. One proclaimed: “IKEA has a better Cabinet.”

Maybe some do not understand sarcasm and that sometimes you fight fire with fire. In addition, we have communicated with people from several different march locations who reported equally positive experiences. The massive counter to the un-American Trump message was: “We are not going away”.

At least a partial duty of reporters and columnist is to accurately report events and the possible motivation behind them. Possibly some citizens do not realize that Trump makes statements that he fully realizes will rally his “True Believers” while otherwise offending most rational citizens. But at a more clever and devious level this adapt, con-artist/carney pitch-man spews-off ridiculous nonsense, racist and sometimes unconstitutional policies to draw attention away from his more sinister and self-serving goals which will have devastating long-term impacts on our economy, environment and national security. Even members of the assiduous press become “side-tracked” by the circus act orchestrated by this huckster and his immediate circle.

Why do Republican elected representatives and supposed defenders of democracy remain silent in light of Trump’s outrageous statements, outright lies, dismantling of our security apparatuses and un-democratic due-process procedures?

Some are simply morally and intellectually weak. But many are beholding to big energy and the pharmaceutical industry that are their meal tickets. And this, at the expense of most Americans and our environment, is what Trump will give them.

Giving him some credit, Trump does understand where the short-term dollar gains can be achieved. But be assured he and his family’s only clear and constant goals are to enrich themselves and feed his mega-manic ego.

I say follow the money and one will easily see beyond the nonsense that this man/child spews out on a daily basis.

Because of his seven bankruptcies, American banks have stopped financing Trump’s risky business ventures. So he sought other, more friendly sources. Trump and family owe significant debt to corporations, such as Bayrock Group, which are financially associated with Russian oligarchs with extremely close ties to Russian Dictator, Vladimir Putin. Trump’s businesses, while outside of Russia, are entangled with Russian financiers in Putin’s inner circle.

In addition several of Trump’s top advisors have extensive financial and business ties to Russians with ill-reputable pasts. Is it any wonder why Russia had a favorite? Trump owes Russia and Putin far more than meets the eye. Lifting Russian sanctions and promoting a continued worldwide reliance on fossil fuels fits perfectly into the Russian strategy as their only economic strength lies in oil and gas reserves. From this perspective Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, is the prefect fit.

This is the real story and why dedicated and vigilant Americans marched and will continue to speak our patriotic voices.

— Ron Manfredi, Madera

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