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A fond farewell from mayor

I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme thanks and gratitude to the citizens of Madera for the opportunity that you gave me to serve you as a member of the Madera City Council over the last years. I can’t express to you how fantastic the experience has been on so many levels. I have been blessed beyond measure!

Although my employment with the city of Madera closed on Dec. 7, the good news is that the life of a city does not begin and end with the term of a certain city council person just as our nation does not begin and end with the term of a president. Elected leaders are policy makers who serve the citizens in a way that should ensure that infrastructure, public works, parks and recreation, and public safety properly serve the citizens. To be sure, the essence and integrity of a city still remain the responsibility of the citizens of any particular city. That fact is what makes Madera a great city. We have an abundance of people who live here as well as businesses that work tirelessly to serve others.

I have also been blessed to work in the city of Madera organization. Some of my colleagues in the city are highly visible due to their responsibilities, while others serve behind the scenes, but perform very important tasks. Regardless of where they work, the city organization consists of an outstanding group of professionals who deeply care about serving our citizens. The good news for me is that I will continue to have the opportunity to interact with my friends in the city when I take on my new role as a Madera County supervisor beginning in early January of next year.

Looking forward, I believe that our best days are still to come! I am encouraged by the vision and energy that I see in neighborhoods during block meetings and other gatherings. Initiatives and ideas for improvements in our economy, schools, and neighborhoods are abundant.

Leaders are emerging citywide who walk the talk and people are realizing that the most important investment that can be made is in the life of your neighbor.

Most importantly, may God bless our community and may we reflect and be encouraged by the true meaning of the Christmas season. The baby in the lonely Bethlehem manger is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, forever and ever.

— Robert Poythress, Mayor, City of Madera

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