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Years ago in the week of Oct. 23

Courtesy of The Madera County Historical Society Roosevelt High’s Joey Monclivias was upended 25 years ago in a North Yosemite League football game against the Madera Coyotes. Madera’s Pat Potter was seen closing in to put the finishing touches on the Rough Rider as Madera won its homecoming game 19-13.


25 Years Ago in the Week of Oct. 23, 1991

SAVE MART PLANS TO RELOCATE TO FORMER KMART BUILDING — Save Mart is scheduled to move into a new state-of-the-art store at the site of the former Kmart. The old Kmart building in the Howard Park Plaza will be demolished and a new 44,500 square foot Save Mart store will take its place. The store will be nearly double the size of the existing Save Mart that is situated in the center now. “They’re bursting at the seams and need a new, large, modern store,” said Steve Addison, manager of the center. The new store will provide for specialty departments and wider aisles, according to the shopping center’s owners. Save Mart hopes to be in its new store by the summer of 1992.

‘FIELDS OF VANITY’ PROFILES FIELD WORKER’S LIFE — Emanuel J. Camerena, a native of Madera has written a largely autobiographical novel called “Fields of Vanity,” which tells about the life of a Mexican farm worker in Madera during the 1960s. The plot is set in the love story of two young Mexicans from different backgrounds who fell in love and got married “in the eyes of God.” Camerena uses the story to give the reader a look back at his youth, and the trials, and tribulations of the Mexican residents of “Jap Corner,” a slang name given to the area around Avenue 7 and Highway 145, when he was growing up. This is Camerena’s second book; his first, published in 1957, was entitled “Pancho.”

LETOURNEAU NEARS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP — For a 55-year-old man who was just thrown from a bull, local veterinarian Ed LeTourneau kept his usual high spirits. He had just finished the bull riding competition of the Senior Pro Rodeo at the recent Madera District Fair. LeTourneau had a lot to smile about. Professionally he has enough points from previous rodeos for a world championship in the bull riding division of the Senior Rodeo Circuit. As organizer of the rodeo segment of the fair, he drew more people than the stands could hold. Personally he received strong ovations from the crowd whenever his name was mentioned. LeTourneau was born in San Francisco and raised in Oakdale, the proclaimed Cowboy Capital of the World.

ANGRY MAN PULLS GUN ON FAMILY — A Madera man had a gun pulled on him Friday after asking a man to stop cursing in front of his family in the Hallmark Towne Center. According to Madera Police, Donald Howard was walking home with his family and passed a telephone booth. A man using the phone was allegedly cursing loudly. Howard asked him to stop swearing with his family there. The suspect allegedly flew into a rage and pulled a semi-automatic pistol on Howard. However, a friend of the suspect’s grabbed him and tried to calm him down. When the friend finally got the suspect into their Gold Cadillac Seville, both drove away.

COUNTY EMPLOYEES DISCOVER HAND GRENADE ALONG ROAD 26 — A Chinese-made hand grenade was found along Road 26 north of Avenue 24 Wednesday by Madera County Road Department employees, according to the California Highway Patrol. Several employees found the grenade about 2:45 p.m. while removing dirt from a county stockpile. Deputies from the Madera County Sheriff’s office and the bomb squad from Fresno County were called. The grenade was discovered to be of Chinese origin and was potentially capable of exploding. Fresno deputies disposed of the grenade. Authorities surmise the grenade had either been thrown away or lost by some unknown person. 50 Years Ago Week of Oct. 23, 1966 LAVINA STUDENTS PICK COTTON FOR FIELD TRIP — Thirty-five eighth graders from LaVina Elementary School visited Producers Madera Gin on Avenue 13 1/2 where the students’ cotton pickings have been processed into one bale worth $150. The students picked cotton over the previous two Saturdays to help pay for a trip to Sacramento next spring. Among LaVina students visiting the gin were Randall Chaise, Hortencia Gonzales, John Ramirez, and Emily Thorton. Faculty member Marion Strickler chaperoned the students and Bob Gleason, gin manager, served as host.

MUSD DESPERATE IN TEACHER SEARCH — The new Madera Unified School District is stepping up its efforts to fill the ranks of its teachers. District officials announced they are preparing a teacher recruitment brochure. The folder outlines the geography, climate, and other features of this location. It also includes salaries, local economic levels, and other facets of life in Madera. The profile is expected to be especially useful in attracting out-of-state teachers in order to meet the demands of the big, new school district. “We have to sell the school district,” said Rinaldo Wren, assistant district superintendent. “We can’t just sit and wait anymore,” he commented.

GROUPS PLAN MOVING CHINESE STORE TO CEMETERY — Several local groups, including the Madera County Historical Society, are considering moving the old Chinese store from the James Savage monument site to the Borden Chinese Cemetery. The old store building was taken apart and portions used for a house on the Mordecai Ranch, according to Fresno attorney Maurice Smith. The proposal is part of an effort to have the cemetery designated as a historic site by the state. The little cemetery, overgrown with weeds and all but forgotten for years, was cleaned, marked, and dedicated in a ceremony Sunday afternoon. More than 150 people turned out for the program.

FIVE TEENAGERS ARE BOOKED FOR BULLYING — Five youths were booked Tuesday at Juvenile Hall for “delinquent tendencies” following a police and school investigation at Madera High School. The probe revealed a series of shakedowns in the school halls and restrooms. The youths, ages 15 through16, were arrested in connection with the incidents in which they bullied high school students to give them pocket change, combs, cigarette lighters, and other small items. High School Principal Alex McDonald commented today that such occurrences could be stopped sooner if parents and students immediately reported the incidents to school authorities.

ROY HALL DRAWS FIRE OF COUNCILMAN — City Councilman Bruno Lattanzio shocked the City Council into a three-minute dead silence Monday night after he finished a verbal blasting of Roy Hall, city engineer. Waiting until the end of the regular council meeting, Lattanzio read into the minutes, “I shall state that Roy Hall, city engineer, is not capable, experienced, or qualified to handle public works.” Lattanzio proposed that “the garbage department should either be taken out of Public Works or the ordinance changed to give the people the right to chose between city service or private service.” Lattanzio said Hall has not been successful with relations with the public nor with the employees of Public Works.

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