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Sean Dallas-Guereca

Sean Dallas-Guereca is 10-years-old and is a student at Dairyland Elementary. Sean enjoys Chowchilla 4-H from all of the fun activities and projects it has to offer.

Sean started 4-H as a mini-member and now hs grown to a full member.

This is Sean’s fourth year enrolled in 4-H.

His current projects are beef, arts and crafts, community pride and a new project this year is goats. Sean has learned responsibility, compassion and caring in animals and life skills. He feels every child should join the 4-H club because it teaches responsibility, self-motivation, positive outlook and, overall, a fun experience.

Sean enjoys all of his projects. He loves serving at the local dinners, functions, Relay for Life luncheons, red-ribbon tying down Robertson Boulevard and many more. It gives him great job and pride when he helps the community and understands that he is making a difference in our world. He also enjoys makng arts and crafts for his mother on holidays.

Sean is excited with the new year in 4-H and the new challenges he will be starting.

His proud parents are Geroge and Jennifer of Chowchilla. He has one older, named Isaiah, whom he admires and looks up to every day. He is also very activie in sports. He plays soccer, baseball and basketball. he also enjoys going rafting with his family and hunting.

Sean is blessed to have his family’s love and support.

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