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Suspected drug dealer arrested at graduation

A man at a high school graduation in Madera is facing charges of narcotics possession.

Ismael Garza, 58, was arrested after being spotted by a Madera County Adult Probation officer at the Madera High School graduation ceremony, according to Det. Sgt. Johhnie Smith of the Madera Police Department. Garza had a warrant for his arrest following a reported violation of his parole.

Garza, according to Smith, was found in possession of black tar heroin and methamphetamine, which he intended to sell. Garza reportedly declined to make a statement during his apprehension.

“Sad to see an old friend from way back be in this shape,” said Randy Lewis, who claimed to be a friend of Garza’s, on social media. “Ismael was always a very nice person, however, there is really no excuse for this, I guess...” ...

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