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Parents to check on kids via Internet

MUSD offers online registration

Madera Unified School District has forged a pathway into the Internet so that parents can take a one-stop shopping trip online to monitor virtually every indicator of their children’s performance at school.

Using a district-supplied parent portal account, grades, attendance, progress reports, homework, and a host of other data can be checked at any time. Parents don’t have to wait until report card time to find out how their kids are doing.

The district’s goal in providing this service is to empower parents through the use of technology, according to Babatunde Ilori, director of performance management and internal communications.

At the center of this effort are parent resource centers located at four MUSD schools: Lincoln, Monroe, Sierra Vista, and Madera South High School. Each center is staffed by one full-time resource assistant and one half-time assistant. The centers are supervised by David Hernandez, director of family and community services...


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