Socialists still trying to reframe election

January 3, 2018

Well, the socialists are still at it in full force. They still can’t get over the fact that they lost the presidential election. I guess deep down I can’t really blame them. They threw everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump to try to get their crooked candidate elected! After stacking the deck the way they did and believing they had the election in the bag and then waking up to the fact that they lost must have been very demoralizing.

Ever since President Trump won they have been on him like stink on you know what. Not because what he’s doing is wrong, or because what he’s doing is right, but simply because he beat their crooked candidate!

Take for example President Trump’s just-enacted tax cut. How can anyone be against that, especially if you’re a working person? The socialists are, because they are tax and spend (redistribution of wealth) to make everyone equal at the lowest level. Imagine working people keeping more of what they earn! Wow! What a concept.

I remember about 30 years ago when President Reagan proposed a tax cut the socialist democrats were all for it. Does anyone remember why? I do. They knew that tax cuts would boost the economy and bring in more revenue. At that time they had control of both the Senate and the Congress, and they knew that they could spend that extra money. And they did. They spent $1.69 more per dollar of extra revenue than Reagan brought in. And then the same liars that we’re hearing today tried to make it look like his tax cut didn’t work!

So why are they against President Trump’s cut? Simple. Today they don’t control either the Senate or the Congress and they can’t spend the extra revenue.

Today they spew their venom at their favorite subject, trying to divide and conquer by saying these tax cuts are only for the rich. Who are the rich? Are they small business owners or are they the corporations they keep hollering about? I have news for them. Tax cuts are for people who pay taxes whoever they might be.

As far as corporations are concerned, for the most part they are owned by stockholders. They are not just one big rich person the liars keep hollering about to keep the sheep (us) stirred up. They continue to try to make us believe that these tax cuts are only for the rich. Again, an attempt to divide and conquer! Remember what I said, tax cuts are for people who pay taxes.

Almost half the people in America do not pay taxes. So, how can we cut their taxes?

The liars say because of your tax cut you’ll raise the deficit in a couple of years by one trillion dollars. Did you hear a peep out of the liars when that so-called worst president we ever had raised our deficit by 10 trillion dollars in eight years?

Wake up, America; the best is yet to come. For those of you who think President Trump’s 2017 accomplishments were great, wait until you see the accomplishments President Trump will have in 2018.

— Sam Pistoresi,



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