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MUSD reopening in-person instruction

For The Madera Tribune

From left, Cadence Mortier, Felix Piedra, Aalani String and Isabella Gonzalez prepare to return to school.


Madera Unified School District recently announced plans for re-opening the schools for students with a set schedule when students were to return.

Some of the dates have been updated and schools will begin in phases beginning Monday with kindergarten through first graders back in the classroom.

This is a letter sent out to Madera Unified School District parents last week.

Our district is committed to a phased reopening of our elementary schools on the dates below. We have updated our planned reopening schedule to account for enrollment, properly assign teachers, develop transportation schedules, and ensure all safety measures are followed each day.

We have gathered parent survey results and are able to determine how many parents prefer in-person instruction and how many parents want distance learning. This has enabled us to develop a reopening schedule that meets all students’ needs across the district.

Reopening schedule

If you chose in-person learning, your child would be on campus for approximately three hours a day. The planned reopening schedule is listed below:

• TK-1 to return on the week of 3-22-21

• Grades 2-3 to return on 3-25-21

• Spring break is scheduled for 3-29-21 to 4-5-21

• Grades 4-6 to return on the week of 4-6-21

Each school will provide parents with key information regarding:

• 2020-2021 Return to School Safety Plan

• Transportation, pick up and drop off locations, etc.

• Daily Schedule for your child

The Distance Learning daily schedule and In-Person Instruction daily schedule for your child’s grade level will be determined by the school site based on the number of students who selected each option and how many students each classroom can accommodate while maintaining physical distancing of six feet. Each school site will communicate directly with parents to inform them of the specific schedule for their child. Please do not call your child’s school for this information at this time, as they are busy finalizing their communications plan to reach the entire school community.


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