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Madera's numbers hit Orange tiers

By listening and acting on the mantra of “Wear your mask, stay socially distanced and get vaccinated,” Madera County COVID-19 numbers reached the Orange Tier data for the first time since the tiers were enacted last year.

In the numbers released Tuesday by the Madera County Department of Public Health, all three data categories were in the Orange Tier.

The county’s case rate of positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 was down to 5.8 and adjusted to 5.1 The county positivity rate was at 2.4 percent and the health equity positivity rate was 4.7 percent in the timeframe from March 21-March 27.

The California measurements to reach the Orange Tier are 1-5.9 positive case rate, 2-4.9 percent for county positivity rate.

However, Madera County recently entered the Red Tier after spending the previous months in the Purple Tier, the most restrictive tier of the four.

The county must remain in the Red Tier for three weeks and then have two weeks of Orange Tier data in order to move down. The earliest Madera County can move to the Orange Tier is April 20.

Hopefully, numbers following the Spring Break vacation and from Easter won’t move the numbers up.

The county still insists to wear your mask, stay socially distanced and get vaccinated.

MCDPH is hosting a vaccination clinic Saturday at its campus (1626 Sunrise Ave.). Register at the to partake in the clinic. The MCDPH is hoping to administer as many as 600 vaccinations on Saturday. Vaccinations are open to anyone over the age of 16 who lives or works in Madera County at the county vaccination sites.

Due to a MyTurn system limitation, choose the “50-64” age range button on the first eligibility information page. Enter date of birth and other information as normal. Eligibility for 16 and over is only applicable at Madera County vaccination sites.

Reported cases from Feb. 1: 14,452

Reported cases from April 2: 15,944

2-month difference: 1,492

Active cases from Feb. 1: 2,058

Active cases from April 2: 298

2-month difference: 1,760

Recovered from Feb. 1: 12,219

Recovered from April 2: 15,412

2-month difference: 3,196

Deceased from Feb. 1: 175

Deceased from April 2: 234

2-month difference: 59

Tests given from Feb. 1: 171,591

Tests given from April 2: 225,632

2-month difference: 54,041

Positive tests from Feb. 1: 16,424

Positive tests from April 2: 18,095

2-month difference: 1,671

Negative tests from Feb. 1: 155,167

Negative tests from April 2: 207,537

2-month difference: 52,370


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