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Madera Native serves at Commander, Task Force 71/Destroyer Squadron 15

For The Madera Tribune

Madera native Noe Garcia is serving in the U.S. Navy while assigned to Commander, Task Force (CTF) 71/Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 15.


YOKOSUKA, Japan — Madera native Noe Garcia is serving in the U.S. Navy while assigned to Commander, Task Force (CTF) 71/Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 15.

Petty Officer 1st Class Garcia is a 2010 Madera South High School graduate and 2019 Saint Leo University graduate. Garcia is a personnel specialist, or PS1, serving as part of the staff of CTF 71/DESRON 15 out of Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan.

“I provide sailors at CTF-71/DESRON 15 with information and counseling related to Navy occupations, opportunities for general education and job training, requirements for promotion, rights and benefits,” said Garcia. “For the Waterfront, as an ISIC Personnel Officer, I train and provide guidance to Personnel Officers across 8 guided-missile destroyers on Personnel Tempo and change of station readiness.”

“I enjoy the customer service part of my job,” said Garcia. “I take pride in helping others by providing information on their career choices, moves, or military benefits.”

“Something challenging with my job is that my daily schedule is always subject to change,” said Garcia. “Organization is key, and even with that, I need to be flexible. What interests me about my job is that it has a direct impact on sailors. You will see me giving information on how to accumulate being stationed overseas, making sure their pay and entitlements are correct, or just checking in on their goals status from a Career Development Board.”

“CTF-71/DESRON 15 staff members exercise tactical control of assigned ships to plan, direct, monitor and assess theater prosecutions, shadow and collection operations, freedom of navigation operations, straits transits, SMS defense operations, surface action group (SAG) operations and other missions assigned,” said Garcia. “CTF-71 is responsible for allocation of assigned ships in supporting relationships to other Task Forces and warfare commanders.”

“Because of that direct impact I have on sailors, it fuels me to work my hardest to help them,” said Garcia. “I want to make sure their pay and benefits are right so they can focus on their job, and not worry about their next paycheck. If a sailor has a pay issue and they are deployed, their mind isn’t on the mission, and it’s if they have enough money to pay the bills. I want them focused on their job, so that motivates me to do mine just as hard to ensure mission readiness.”

“My most recent accomplishment I am proud of is getting accepted into Graduate School at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, what’s more is that I push my drive to others at DESRON,” said Garcia. “I believe education is important in all forms; Formal, informal and non-formal. Regardless of your learning style, have a curious mind. Explore different topics and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity. Be inquisitive, and if your intent is sincere, there will be people who will help and support you in your journey.”

Task Force 71/DESRON 15, the Navy’s largest forward-deployed DESRON and the U.S. 7th Fleet’s principal surface force.

U.S. 7th Fleet conducts forward-deployed naval operations in support of U.S. national interests in the Indo-Pacific area of operations. As the U.S. Navy’s largest numbered fleet, 7th Fleet interacts with 35 other maritime nations to build partnerships that foster maritime security, promote stability, and prevent conflict.


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