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Madera Community Hospital Closure FAQs

1. Where do I go if I have a medical emergency? Call 911.

2. Where will the ambulance take me if I am having medical emergency and call 911? Emergency medical services will assess you situation and take you to the nearest available emergency department.

3. When will services at Madera Hospital end? The clinics in Madera, Mendota and Chowchilla will close permanently at 7 a.m. on January 10.

4. Where do I go if I have a non-emergency medical issue? Contact your primary care physician or go to the nearest urgent care facility.

5. What urgent cares are available in Madera County? There are four urgent care clinics available in Madera County. Hours of operation vary.

• Camarena Country Club Urgent Care, 1159 Country Club Drive in Madera

• Camarena Almond Urgent Care, 706 E. Almond Avenue in Madera

• Camarena Oakhurst Urgent Care, 49165 Road 426 in Oakhurst.

For more information about urgent cares, visit

6. How do I get my medical records from Madera Community Hospital? Request copies of medical records by calling 675-5415. Medical records will be stored for 10 years from the date o fyour last service.

7. If I am an employee, how do I get my medical records? Call Medical Records at 675-515. Records will be kept on file for time required by law.

8. What happens to unpaid bills? To pay unpaid bills, call 675-5514. You will still be required to pay outstanding balances owed to the hospital.

9. Do unpaid bills need to be paid after January 10? Please continue to pay your bills as normal. You can do so by calling the Credit and Collections Department at 675-5514 or you can go online:

10. Where can I go for outpatient services? Contact your primary care provider to coordinate outpatient services.

11. Where can I get 24-hour care in Madera County? 24-hour emergency care is no longer available in Madera County. If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department located in Fresno or Merced.

Note: This Frequently Asked Questions release was distributed over social media over the past week.


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