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Love animals? Help open the Affordable, Nonprofit Madera Spay Neuter Clinic

Founders DJ Becker and Kirsten Gross said the overpopulation of unwanted homeless animals was tremendous and now, is off the charts. Both have decades of experience in local animal rescue, sheltering, fostering, and adoptions.

“Simply put, it’s a crisis,” Becker said. “You may have already noticed the large number of stray and unwanted animals roaming nearly everywhere in the Madera area. These animals are continuing to reproduce, only adding to the problem. Shelters and rescue groups are overwhelmed. Many area residents can also no longer find or afford even basic veterinary care for their pets. We know people care and we are hoping the public can help now,” said Becker. “We also pledge to use every dollar of your donation responsibly.

“If all of our local animal lovers could contribute just $10 or $15, we would be well on our way. Your donation now of any amount will assist us in purchasing the basic equipment, rent space, and hire the contract veterinary personnel needed to make these monthly or weekly pop up spay and neuter services happen. Hopefully within the next few months,” Becker said.


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