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Letters: America is not ‘Bizarro World, or AmeriKa’

As I drifted through stages of restless sleep during an eleven-hour trans-Atlantic flight last year, I dreamt of Bizarro World, a DC Comics creation in my childhood. It was a square planet of alternate reality. Bad was good, inept was competent, and ugly was beautiful.

My dream was a nightmare featuring a mentally unstable Putin wannabe who threatened bloodbaths, bragged of sexual attacks on women, voiced racist rants, and mocked disabled people. He was running for Bizarro World president, again. His former true conservative hires (CEO of ExxonMobil and three retired four-star generals) said that he was “a f…..g moron,” the “most flawed” person that he ever met, “more dangerous than anyone could imagine,” and “Hitler-like.” 

Can I get a Bizarro “Oorah”?


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