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Keto Korner food truck changes name

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

More Than Just the Tip owner Jonathan Carabajal shows off a bacon brisket cheeseburger with his niece Hailey Guajardo. Carabajal owned the Keto Korner trailer and changed the name so he could serve a wider variety of customers.


In an effort to gain more customers, Jonathan Carabajal changed the name of his Keto Korner food trailer to More Than Just the Tip.

Carabajal said the name change came about because he had so many people not come to his truck because they thought all he served was keto-based products. He will still have the keto products in More Than Just the Tip, but he will also be able to have other products, including regular buns.

“We had a lot of people that would come up with their friends,” he said. “One was on keto and the other wasn’t on keto. I would ask if I could help them and they said they weren’t on keto. Then, they would try our food and say it’s good, but they weren’t on keto and want something that’s non-keto. They would walk off and we missed out on a sale because it was strictly keto. I had others say they saw Keto Korner and they knew it’s all just keto. That’s why they wouldn’t come this way. To draw more people and expand, we always have been told we have amazing barbecue, but we’re not a barbecue truck. It just kind of happened. People always tell us to come here because our brisket is amazing and it’s worth the drive and wait. We thought to expand and not be known as a keto truck and be known as a barbecue truck and still offer to everybody, whether they are on keto or not.”

What initially began as a keto-based truck expanded to barbecue. He has gotten rave reviews for his beef brisket and for his creative burgers and sandwiches.

“Now, we’ve added regular buns,” he said. “We use Texas toast for our buns. We still do brisket and ribs. Now, there’s just another side where it’s an actual tortilla rather than our almond flour tortilla.”

He chose More Than Just the Tip because he does exactly that in his food trailer.

“Everybody does tri-tip. Because we’re known for our briskets, we do more than brisket,” he said. “We still do tri-tip, but have more than just the tip.”

Even before the name change, Carabajal has been in demand going throughout Madera and Fresno to serve his food.

“It’s been like non-stop for us, now,” he said. “We are in high demand. We’re always being asked to go somewhere. It’s hard to stay in one spot. Even when we got to Fresno or Clovis, we’re not in one spot, we’re everywhere. I would love to have a permanent spot. When you have everyone pulling at you, you have to go to everyone.”

Carabajal is trying to keep a regular stop in Madera. Currently, he can be found every Tuesday at the Chevron gas station on Cleveland Avenue.

Carabajal knows people may complain about the wait time for his food, but most customers don’t complain about it after they’ve tasted his burgers.

“I don’t want to lower the quality of the food for the speed,” he said. “I know there’s a wait. Like the saying goes, ‘all good things come to those who wait.’ Just wait, be patient and it will be worth it, I promise you.”


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