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Veterans’ Voices is directed toward veterans and their families who have given so much to ensure our freedom in this country. This is an area where you may share your experiences, or read of other veterans’ experiences. We thank you for your service, and hope that you know how much you are loved and appreciated.


Not long ago I was standing in line at the local grocery store with my cart full of groceries. I was third in line. There was a female veteran standing in line with her two children with a bunch of milk and other related things on the counter.

After her third credit card would not work, I stepped up and gave the cashier my credit card to pay for her groceries. She said it was not necessary, but I did it already. She thanked me and walked out the door.

I paid for my things and walked out to my vehicle. She was standing there, waiting for me, crying. She hugged me and started to write down her phone number and address to give to me, promising that she would pay me back. I told her that it was not necessary. She said she cannot accept charity. I told her that it was not charity. I am just loaning her the money. When she gets back on her feet, she is to find another person that needs the same thing. Then she can help them.


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