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Commentary: ‘A Comedy of Errors’

One of our subscribers, Carol Vigil, called to share with us her 4th of July experience.

Carol has been staying at La Quinta Inn and Suites for the past few days, since a pipe burst and caused a flood in her own house last Thursday night.

Early Monday morning, a flood occurred at the hotel that caused by a burst pipe. The flood started on the fifth floor, and moved down through the floors to the first floor. The flood began around 1 a.m.

The water was shut off, and the staff of the hotel went through the halls notifying the guests about the condition. Some evacuated, and others stayed. Carol said her room wasn’t affected by the water damage. However, she had to stay since her home was also being repaired.

Later in the morning, in the lobby at La Quinta at the breakfast area, someone burned toast in the toaster, causing the alarm to sound. The staff was unable to turn off the alarm. The fire department arrived to check the building.

Carol was very complimentary of the staff of La Quinta, who was good enough to inform the guests of any possible dangers. They continued to serve breakfast. She also gave kudos to all who worked that day, hotel staff and the first responders, when most people were taking a holiday.

Thanks to all who care for others, and to Carol and other guests who were patient about this comedy of errors.

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