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Board salaries increasing

At its December 20 meeting, the Madera Board of Supervisors ratified an ordinance to adopt new compensation and benefit provisions for the Board of Supervisors.

They ratified the the ordinance, which will take effect 60 days after the adoption, which is February 18.

The Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 530 on April 3, 1990, which set the salaries and other compensation of the members of the board. In accordance with applicable law, Ordinance No. 530 has been amended seven times with various provisions being amended and repealed.

Under the new ordnance, board member salaries are set in accordance with applicable law and also contains new compensations and benefits and repeals each of the previous ordinances.

Before, the base salaries for the Board of Supervisor members were set at 41.2 percent of the annual salary of Madera County Superior Court Judges. For members who have commenced their sixth year of elective service, their salaries are set at 43.26 percent of the annual salary, and that was set in 2018.

Under the new ordinance, for members who have up to five years of elected service, the annual salary will be set at 50 percent of a judge, which is an annual increase of $20,343. Those with six or more years, the annual salary will be set at 55 percent, which is an increase of $27,140.

In addition, the Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors will receive an addition $500 per month during his or her term as chairperson.


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