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All-Madera Tribune Boys Soccer Team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

With his skills in the back and his ability to score, Elias Zuniga is The Madera Tribune’s Boys Soccer Most Valuable Player.


Most Valuable Player

Elias Zuniga, Def. Soph. Madera

The Coyote defender combined a nose for goal and the strength and courage of a captain to, not only lead the Coyotes to a strong 2021 campaign, but also the Most Valuable Player award on the All-Madera Tribune team and a spot on the County/Metro Athletic Conference’s First Team list. Zuniga’s future with the Coyotes can only mean big things are ahead for the program. The sophomore dominated on the pitch both in attack and in defense and put that on full display twice against the Edison-Fresno Tigers where he scored three goals and two goals the next game. Zuniga’s playoff performance was nothing short of inspiring with a goal and an assist. If the Coyotes want to challenge for a CMAC title, having Zuniga in the fold is a good start.

Defensive Player of the Year

Aaron Ocegueda, Def. Sr. Madera South

Madera South’s Aaron Ocegueda is the definition of steady. The Stallion defender provided a strong source of leadership but also strength as he helped lead a young Stallions squad into battle. Ocegueda was voted to the CMAC First Team with the fifth most votes out of all CMAC players. Ocegueda’s prowess on the pitch was well known throughout the league. After four years of fighting for the purple and black, Ocegueda closes out his career with the All-Madera Tribune Soccer Team Defensive Player of the Year award and his second All-Tribune selection.

The Team

Chris Arias, GK Jr. Madera

The Madera goalkeeper has been a mainstay between the sticks for last twoyears. His leadership and quality on the pitch gives the Coyotes an advantage over many teams within the CMAC. Thanks to his form in 2021, the Coyotes never allowed more than two goals throughout league play outside of a 10-3 win over Edison. Arias will only grow into his role as a leader on the team as he steps into his final season.

Alex Segovia, Def. Jr. Madera

Alex Segovia did his part throughout the 2021 season and earned himself a spot on the CMAC Second Team. Segovia’s tireless work in the Coyote backline was evident. Madera battled throughout the CMAC season, holding all of their opponents to two goals and under outside one game. Segovia’s intelligence and anticipation allowed the Coyotes to hold their own on the road against Sanger and Bullard, as well as heated battles with Madera South. One final season awaits the Coyote defender.

Elmer Garcia, MF Jr. Madera

Elmer Garcia showed the consistency and skill required to excel in the CMAC. Voted to the CMAC First Team, Garcia formed part of a strong midfield partnership for head coach Nic Landeros and the Coyotes. Garcia’s efforts saw him notch more than five assists throughout the season, including a goal and two assists versus Edison and an assist against rivals Madera South. Garcia returns to Madera for his senior season.

Diego Da Rocha , MF Jr. Madera

Another member of the CMAC First Team, Da Rocha found his own within the Coyote midfield. Whether transitioning to attack from defense or vice versa, Da Rocha was a steady piece for coach Landeros and the Coyote faithful. Madera’s emphasis on team play was due in part to the cohesiveness and skill of the midfield where Da Rocha found himself throughout the season. With his senior season on the horizon, expect Da Rocha to continue to develop into one of the best midfielders in the CMAC.

Isaac Pinedo, MF Soph. Madera

Pinedo was an integral piece to a midfield partnership that could be one of the best in the CMAC. With tutelage from coach Landeros, the Coyotes combined individual skill and team play to turn in a strong 2021 season. Earning CMAC Honorable Mention, Pinedo looks to build on a strong sophomore campaign and only looks to take a more prominent role within the Madera midfield.

Arturo Zavala, MF Sr. Madera South

The senior midfielder ended his career as a Stallion with honors from the 2021 CMAC Second Team. Zavala’s technical ability and overall quality seeped into his teammates as the Stallions played an eye-pleasing brand of soccer. Although the Stallions came up short in the playoffs, Zavala’s time will be remembered by silky play in midfield and leadership both on and off it. He is a two-time selection of the All-Madera Tribune team.

Luis Diaz, MF Sr. Madera South

Diaz was a calming presence in the Stallions’ midfield. Head coach Enrique Garcia requires a lot out of his Stallions, especially his midfielders. As engines and lungs of the team, Diaz was tasked with moving up the pitch to attack, track back to defend and everything in between. The senior midfielder ended his career at Madera South, overcoming a challenging year. That didn’t stop the senior from earning a spot on the 2021 All-Madera Tribune team and also, the 2021 CMAC First Team.

Dylan Castro, MF Jr. Madera

Castro played a prominent role within the Coyote attack. The junior forward earned a spot on the 2021 CMAC Second Team after nearly notching 10 goals during the season, including a goal in the Coyotes playoff loss at the end of the season. Castro’s ability has only grown over the last year and, in his final season, Castro will look to lead the Coyotes to a CMAC title.

William Bispham, Fwd Sr. Madera

Bispham had his bright spots throughout the season, giving the Coyotes a scoring punch they were looking for. Bispham nearly helped Madera upend CMAC champions Sanger on the road with a goal, showing not only his ability on the pitch, but also his mentality. With Bispham in the fold next season, Landeros and the Coyotes know they have a striker hungry for goals.

Raul Arzola, Fwd Soph. Madera South

Madera South’s sophomore sensation Arzola ended the 2021 season with hope and promise for the next two years. Arzola earned 2021 CMAC Second Team honors after scoring a handful of big goals, including two goals against Kingsburg and two goals against Reedley, along with goals against Bullard and Sanger. With two years left at Madera South, expect the talented Stallion to take it up on a notch in 2021-22. He is a two-time All-Madera Tribune selection.



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