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Letter: Just a peek?

I can’t say I really enjoyed Judge Wieland’s Letter to the Editor. First pass through usually irritates. Second pass confuses. Skipping through again confirms how slanted his statements are and that the focus is way too progressive. This focus is on his October 10 letter.

I must point out that his very words give away that he shows only the negative that he wants us to see. Is there absolutely no redeeming value in and to this country?

At the bottom of the second paragraph he says, “Let’s take a peek.” By definition the word, “peek”, in my New Webster’s is vb 1: to look furtively (done by stealth/ly), 2: to peer from a place of concealment, 3: GLANCE.

To my mind, it’s looking with one eye closed and the other eye with the smallest open squint possible. Or, looking into the hallway at a hotel through the door peep hole. You don’t see much. You surely might not see enough to make a good decision. I’ll only pick one of his issues.

Abortion: Almost all abortions are performed after 4 weeks of pregnancy; maybe 95 plus percent. Only a contrarian could possibly believe that this little developing mass of splitting cells is not a human being in the making. It’s alive or it couldn’t be growing. Non-living substance doesn’t grow. Someone will say, Well, cancer grows and it’s alive and we eliminate it; kill it. Yes, you are right. And you’ve just admitted it’s a developing mass of living and growing cells. Deepest possible question is, is it OK to kill a human being in the making? In the making!

Stating that, “two-thirds of Americans favor a woman’s right to choose,” doesn’t make it the right thing to do just because it’s favored. My guess would be that about the same percentage favored slavery 175 years ago. And that favor did not make it right. As a Judge, is the law wrong when it prosecutes, as murder, for the unborn baby that is killed through the killing of the mother? Are there double standards?

Now for the heavy stuff.

Somebody tell us and prove the following statistic is wrong. Of 1,116 Black pregnancies in America, 500 are aborted. Could this be considered genocide? And to the Democratic Party, what are you doing for these women? Promoting and providing abortions. Is this becoming a perpetual motion machine that would certainly be approved by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood?

Life is full of choices. This one of abortion is like no others. Is this the only way forward, or will we come to our senses as in slavery and help those with this issue find other options? Help is out there. Google abortion alternatives. Also, for those suffering from Abortion PTSD, Google Post Abortion Help or Rachel’s Vineyard.

— Jon Barsotti,


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