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AMB Labor Force distributes 500 more boxes of food

Courtesy of AMB Labor Force AMB Labor Force employees load up boxes of food into a car during the company’s third food box distribution in the last six months.


Adam Beas and AMB Labor Force is at it again.

Last week, AMB Labor Force, owned by Beas, with Cornerstone Community Care distributed 500 boxes of food.

“We saw a need, again, for people that needed food in the city and county,” Beas said. “People came out and got a box of food. We just saw a need to help people, not just the essential workers. We are deep-rooted in the community, not just with boxes of food. We’re looking for turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving and bikes for Christmas. We help different organizations, not only in California, but in other countries where there are less fortunate families like in Columbia, El Salvador, Argentina and Guatemala. We help out orphanages and some of them don’t have a place to stay. We will send money out there to the pastors. There are some in religious community who are out there. We support these non-profits to feed them and give them clothes.”

The Oct. 15 distribution was the third in Madera in which AMB Labor Force and its family of companies have given away 1,500 boxes of food.

In addition to giving in the community, AMB is still working to fulfill its need with workers in the ag industry.

“The companies that need labor, we are still meeting the needs of the demands,” he said. “Right now, we have kiwi and pomegranates and are finishing up grapes. Citrus season will be coming on. We’re able to provide any labor. There might be a little pinch. The companies we are dealing with, we are meeting their needs with the labor. We have anywhere between 2,000-4,000 people working.”

Even with the pandemic affecting workers, Beas said he has made sure his workers are safe and doing the right thing, as well as the companies he does labor with.

“We are still providing a need,” he said. “We are still using our precautions. There have been siuations where people have tested postivie and have been quarantined or their family member or kids got it, they have to be quarantined. We still paid them. They aren’t losing their job. We want them to follow the rules and regulations.”

Recently, Cornerstone Community Care honored Beas and AMB Labor Force with a recognition plaque for being one of their biggest partners for food distribution.

“We’re one of Cornerstone’s biggest partners,” he said. “We went to five different cities — Madera, Woodlake, Huron, Reedley and Orange Cove — to give food. We’re open to any community that needs help. We want to come in. if they need help, they can call me or partner up. I’m willing to partner up and help them out. I always have a saying, ‘Never despise humble beginnings.’ I was there. We looked forward to having good food on the table for a hard days work.”

In addition to the three food giveaways in Madera, he also did a food buy where he purchased groceries to unsuspecting shoppers in April.

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