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TEC gymnastics celebrates Easter

For The Madera Tribune

TEC Gymnastics’ Ali Baltz, left, and TEC Gymnastics owner Tammi Britton hold their costume heads after visiting 30 homes of their competitive gymnasts.


Since having to close their doors because of COVID-19, TEC Gymnastics owner Tammi Britton hadn’t seen her gymnasts in about a month.

She made it to 30 of the 31 homes of her competition gymnasts to give them Easter treats on Sunday The other was based in Las Vegas.

“I emailed the parents that we were coming,” Britton said. “If the girls were able to stay on beam in competition, they re rewarded with Tic Tacs. One day, I was going through the store and saw Tic Tacs and I decided I wanted to do something for my gymnasts.”

So Britton, her husband Frank Landeros Jr. (for the first half of the houses) and TEC employee Ali Baltz (second half) dressed us as the Easter Bunny (Britton) and the TEC Tiger to deliver bags of goodies to the gymnasts.

“I also made them a card with candy,” Britton said. “We had so much fun. It was so good meeting the kids. I wanted to do this to raise their spirits, but they raised mine more.”

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