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Opinion: How to recognize angels without wings

Usually, we know it’s Christmas time by the running around we have to do — the sending of cards, shopping for gifts. And I suppose I am no different from others in that regard.

But there’s another way we know its Christmas, and that is when angels with without wings begin to show up and remind us that ordinary folks with extraordinary hearts can be the most important part of these holidays.

This letter from Wanda Robbins of Madera is a good example:

This was a blessing that happened to me on Dec. 22, 2019.

First, I have to share with you the time leading up to this blessing.

On Nov. 5, I lost my Dad, making it hard to focus on things to get done for the holidays. Each day became a challenge to focus. As the days passed, and decisions had to be made, and not realizing my focus was still off, my husband and I went to the Post Office drop-off box to drop mail.

Unfortunately, my purse, which was between me and the car door, dropped out of the car when I opened my door to finish my task.

Without realizing it we drove off. When we got to our next destination, I realized my purse was missing. I panicked and we returned to find the purse gone.

We started calling the proper places to cancel our cards and praying that an honest person might have found my purse.

The blessing came when our son called us, telling us he had been contacted by another family member who knew our neighbor who lives across the street, who had called them and told them a young man was at our house who had found my purse.

The young man’s name is Jose and this young man has a big heart and an honest heart. As he returned my purse his words were, “It is the right thing to do, and the season to help someone. So, this season I met a Giving Angel, Jose. My husband and I are very grateful to him.

Please keep the Season by being grateful for Angels with no Wings that God sends us in time of need even if we don’t realize it.

Merry Christmas to you all.

— Wanda Robbins,


• • •

When I first came to Madera, I was surprised at how happy the place was at Christmas. I had come to know most of the storekeepers by then, and found them to be very friendly and willing to help.

That was when I found out that Madera is a great place to shop for Christmas items — gifts of all kinds.

I had a hard time understanding why anybody would not want to shop in their home town.

Some reasons why one should:

• You don’t have to go out of town. Instead of spending more than half your shopping time on the road, you can spend time buying from your friends.

• Usually merchandise selection is as good in Madera as it is in other cities.

• Groceries are as good in Madera as they are anywhere — in fact, usually better, because they are fresher. And face it, we spend almost as much on groceries for our holiday get-togethers as we do anything else.

• You can give practical gifts by shopping at home. For example a gift subscription to The Madera Tribune is almost a two-fer. If you buy one subscription for yourself, you can get another half price for a friend or a loved one.

• The local Post Office is a great place from which to ship gifts. They are like Boy Scouts — Trustworthy helpful, friendly, courteous, kind and cheerful.

• The local UPS stores will help you mail your parcels and save time doing it.

• Right now, we are down to a shopping day and a half before Christmas. Make the most of it by shopping locally.

• And as Tiny Tim would say, God bless us every one for keeping our sales taxes local so we can continue to build roads and schools for ourselves and not some other burg.

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