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Letter: Whoa there, your honor!

As I keep reading the judge’s articles, I almost feel guilty for being a conservative. Then I come to my senses and reality and say to myself, “Whoa!”

I think he is trying to convince us that only the progressives are right. Funny how, progressives say they believe in a big tent, inclusiveness, and diversity and still manage to condemn anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with and believe in THEIR GOSPEL; the word gospel meaning good news. In every revolution, history proves, the movement needs an enemy. In this case, conservatives play that role.

History also enlightens us to the fact that progressive governments, sooner than later, start persecuting those who choose to speak out against THEIR GOSPEL. We can see this in lovely, evermore progressive, Canada. Speak frankly and lovingly about how God hates sin enough and you will end up in jail. And now if you refuse to refer a person to another doctor for euthanasia because it goes against your moral code you will lose your medical license.

Let me make it clear. I am not a Trump fan; the word fan coming from the word fanatic. I did vote for him because Hillary would have given us four more years of our then-president. He was mentored by Socialists that tainted his thinking to the point that he not only does not love this country, but hates this country. He didn’t try to make it better. He tried to bring it down on it’s knees. And Hillary studied under Saul Alinsky. Google “Alinksy’s daughter: What the media won’t tell you about Hillary Jen Kuznicki· Aug. 25, 2016” on the Internet.

In my wildest imagination, I can’t believe Hillary could be strong against China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran. I do believe she would be trying to buy peace with our dollars and words that are only that — words. Is there any room at all in progressives’ thinking to admit that Trump has done something, anything, good or positive? If not, hate fuels that position. How sad.

I’ve heard it said that if you hate your enemy, more than you love your children, You will never have peace. Not real peace.

At this time in the history of the USA, I believe, if our elected politicians (both parties) are haters of our president, and love advancing the growth of their political power and extreme personal wealth, more than they love this country and its people, nothing positive can be accomplished. NOTHING!!

I can’t tell if our esteemed judge is a believer in a higher power. I may have missed one of his pieces in the paper. But we should ALL be praying FOR, not against, our president and our country.

— Jon Barsotti,


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