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Letter: New position is not needed says writer

The City Council meeting of June 5, 2019, considered adding a position for the homeless in the Housing Authority. This new person would need to have a degree and experience in related issues. One of them in mental-health issues. This new position appears to be a duplication of services. Shouldn’t this be under Mental Health or Social Services?

If the Housing Authority is going to do it, why not just round them up and put them in an Open Bay Barracks? Can’t leave unless they have a pass. Worked for me in the military.

Off the streets and out of the riverbed. Here they can be counseled, categorized and dealt with. Containment is vital. They are a threat to the community and the environment. Just their filth, garbage and their toilet practices, should be enough to warrant containment. Dogs can’t do what they do. Lock them up, dry them out, then sort them. If deemed unwanted, send them to Planned Parenthood. Tell them they missed a few.

Bobby Kahn said we “aren’t San Francisco.”

When talking about the Development on Yosemite and Tozer, guess he never looked down into the River when crossing the bridges here in Madera. Rivers feed the Oceans. Where does all the trash, plastic and whatever else end up?

Do it! Clean it up!

The grant money that is becoming available for Fresno/Madera to address the homeless is following the route I wrote about earlier this year.

More positions, but NO changes to the homeless. Another costly failure.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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