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Cowbelles serve at annual fund-raiser

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Chef Geoff Tipton, left, greets Kim and Chris Miller.


Raising money for college scholarships for members of the high school classes of 2019, the Madera County Cattlewomen hosted their annual Chuck Wagon luncheon March 28 in the Woman’s World building at the Madera District Fairgrounds. Attending the luncheon has become a spring tradition for the staffs of many local businesses with dine-in and take-out options available.

The Cattlewomen Association has been affectionately known for many years as the Cowbelles. It’s a service club, the primary objective of which is to promote the California beef industry. This luncheon will fund several $500 scholarships awarded to high school seniors residing in Madera County and seeking to pursue an agricultural major.

Former Madera resident and a new vendor, Geoff Tipton of Raymond, cooked and sliced 150 pounds of tri-tip served on fresh sandwich rolls as the entre’ for the meal. Add to that ranch style beans, assorted salads and desserts.

“I bought 150 pounds of meat which came out to 58 tri-tip roasts,” said Tipton.

He and Bob Fallert cooked and sliced the meat for serving.

The Cowbelles paid the hard expenses for the barbecue while Tipton and Fallert provided the labor as part of their donation to the scholarship fund.

The salads and desserts are made by the members, who are known as some of the best cooks in Madera County.

Each member brought a large salad and dessert with, many of the members bringing several of each.

The salad and dessert ingredients and labor are the members’ individual contributions to the project.”

The association plans lunch for approximately 600, served between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Formed on April 2, 1952, the Madera County Cattlewomen’s Association in the early years raised scholarship funds by selling raffle tickets for a donated side of beef. The late Mary McKinney came up with the idea for the Chuck Wagon luncheon.

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