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Moreno praised for work in community

I would like to ask my fellow citizens of Madera to join with me and vote for Sally Orme Moreno for district attorney. Sally is extremely qualified for the job of district attorney but more than that, she is part of our community that is making a difference every day by her words and deeds.

Sally is a volunteer who serves on a number of community organizations. One in particular is her work on the Madera County Child Abuse Prevention Council.

Sally’s expertise and advice as a prosecutor are making a difference for the children of Madera. Giving hope and protection to those who are perhaps the most vulnerable in our community is a quiet success story that should be recognized.

I know Sally’s work as a school board member and in education is also making a difference. Whether it is serving as a volunteer for the Academic Decathlon or providing legal field expertise to high school age kids with their Mock Trial, Sally has donated her time for the future of our community.

To sum it up, Sally is more than the most qualified candidate for District Attorney. She is a mother and community leader that is making a difference to improve our community. That is why I am voting for Sally Orme Moreno for district attorney and I hope you will too.

— Beryl Raviscioni,


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