The trouble with the post office

Here’s a story: The post office changes mail boxes without notifying the residents. These are community mailboxes mind you. No notice, no info on how to get our mail(or our new keys).

A lot of the residents around here are elderly and this is a huge inconvenience for them. Not to mention me.

Yesterday the postal carrier said the keys were ready, they were not. We went to the post office and they said to come back, and by Friday they should be sorted out. Today the postal carrier assured me that he gave the keys to his supervisors and they were ready. Once again, made a trip to the post office only to find out that all my neighbors received their keys, but ours are lost. How can the postal service do this without any warning? And how are they so disorganized and uncommunicative?

There is no one to contact to remedy this situation so I figured I’d let you know how the citizens are feeling about such a big change happening with no notification. And they plan to change more mailboxes in the near future.

I hope they realize the mistakes they’ve already made and attempt to avoid any more Inconveniences. But it’s the post office so… fat chance.

Have a good day.

— Jesse Gilman,