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The nurses are taking over


One of the things about our town I truly appreciate is Madera Community Hospital. This week, Mrs. Doud has been at MCH for a recurring procedure that lets her breathe easier. We do that so I can hear her better when she yells at me.

I was happy when I saw that one of the nurses was Skyler Howe, recently honored at MCH as a “DAISY,” for outstanding, “going beyond the call of duty” in nursing.

There is a photo of Skylar with this article — she is the one on the right. From the left are Lucy Cerbo, RN; another DAISY; Jane Winning, RN, the Chief Nursing Officer of the hospital; and Maria Guillen, RN, Director of the Medical Surgical Unit, another DAISY. These nurses work hard. Skylar put in about 11 hours the night she was taking care of Mrs. Doud.

Actually, the nurses are taking over the hospital.

The hospital is full of modern equipment to help the nurses and docs do their work, and even the lobby has been redecorated and looks great. I am one citizen who appreciates the work of the hospital, its board of directors and its supporters.

MCH plus Valley Children’s Hospital, plus the Camarena Health Center equal three wonderful medical care facilities to keep us healthy and to instill confidence in anyone who might need medical care here where we live.

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